Appointment Safety Guidelines and Procedures


We know many brides have questions about how their appointment will work during the current climate and we want to assure you that the safety of you, your loved ones and our staff is our top priority. Please read the following to know what to expect at your appointment and how to prepare for it.


What to Bring

  1. Face mask
  2. Proper Undergarments


We require all people entering our shop to wear face masks. As always, please bring proper undergarments to try on the gowns.


Who to Bring

  1. Up to 2 Guest Helpers
  2. Up to 3 Additional Guests Outside
  3. FaceTime, Skype, Etc.


We are currently allowing you to bring up to two guests with you. These guests will be your support as well as help you in and out of your dress. You may bring up to 3 additional guests, but they must wait outside of the boutique. We have large bay windows where we typically display our mannequins. Instead, we can now display you! Your crew will be able to safely see and admire you from the other side of the window. Let us know if you’ll be bringing these additional guests so we can prepare the window area for you. We also welcome you to have your loved ones available via FaceTime, Skype, etc. It’s something we’ve offered in the past and continue to do so now. Your guest can hold your phone up for them to see you in your dresses.


What to Expect When Arriving

  1. Use Hand Sanitizer
  2. Wait for Assistance
  3. Do Not Browse/Touch Gowns or Accessories
  4. Do Not Wander Around the Boutique


When you enter our boutique, with your mask on, use the hand sanitizer provided at the front desk. Please wait at the front desk until a stylist arrives to assist you. Please refrain from touching any gowns or accessories. The stylist will show you to your private dressing room and viewing area. Please stay in this area and do not wander around the shop. We are arranging our appointments to provide as much space between brides as possible.


How the Appointment will Work

  1. Practice Social Distancing (6ft)
  2. Dresses Placed in Fitting Room
  3. Guest Assists You into Your Dress


We ask that you and your guests practice social distancing as much as possible while in the boutique. In order to do this, your stylist will place dresses in your fitting room and verbally walk you through what to try on first. Your guest(s) will be in the fitting room with you assisting you into the dress. Either in the fitting room, or out on the podium, your stylist will then clamp different sections to show how the gown will fit in your size. Your stylist will discuss the dress with you and, based on your feedback, recommend other dresses to try on.


Precautions We’re Taking

  1. Wearing Face Masks
  2. Cleaning/ Disinfecting
  3. Steaming Dresses
  4. No ill Symptoms
  5. Washing our Hands


We’re wearing masks and routinely washing our hands. We continually clean frequently touched surfaces.

We’re practicing social distancing by standing 6 feet apart from each other when possible. We’re limiting the number of appointments allowed to book at a time.

After a bridal appointment, gowns are placed on a separate rack, turned inside out and steam cleaned before being returned to our inventory.

We ask that if you or a member of your household are ill that you cancel your appointment and follow the latest health guidance for medical care. We can offer you a virtual appointment and we’d be happy to reschedule an in person appointment when it’s safe to do so.


We look forward to seeing you!