Quarantini Anyone?

Quarantini Anyone?

Quarantini Anyone?. Mobile Image

Mar 27, 2020

With the shop being closed, and all of us working from home, I've had a lot of time to think about everything going on in the world right now from a different perspective.

For one, I never thought I would be introducing myself to you while I'm typing this from my couch at home... and I also never thought my dog would become my new co-worker, but here we are.

I'm Kristen! I love theater, anything coffee related, going to the gym, and taking trips to the beach when I can. 

Oh, and I'm also the Director of Marketing and Communications for Lambs Hill.

Fancy, I know, right?

With that being said I wanted to touch base on something I think we all have been feeling and thinking around the world right now.

Things are really weird, and I know that there's a ton of people out there who are stressed, worried, confused and scared as to what is going to happen in the future to come, and I'm here to let you know that you're not alone.

It's okay to feel those things. It's okay to feel worried and scared for yourself and your loved ones.

But, I also want to remind you of all the good still happening in the world right now, too!

People around the world are still falling in love. Getting engaged. Getting married. Yes, believe it or not people are still saying "I do" to the one they love despite all of this chaos. Yes, the wedding is smaller and it may not be taking place where they planned it to be, but they are still marrying the person of their dreams, and isn't that what marriage is about anyway?

If you are someone who has had to post-pone your wedding due to the virus, I'm so sorry. If you're someone who has had to cancel your wedding due to the virus, I'm also really sorry. I know it must be so frustrating and upsetting to have that special day you've been dreaming about for so long feel like it isn't going to happen now, but it will. It's going to happen. It might not be when you expected it to, but it will happen.

I know that it is really hard to focus on good things when really bad, scary things are going on everyday around you, but trying to channel that focus on the positives, just as much as the negatives, is just as important. It is totally normal and okay to be aware of what's happening around you, but don't let it consume your thoughts. Keep some room for sunshine and positivity.

Once all this madness comes to an end, Lambs Hill will be here waiting to help you find your dream dress.

Stay positive. Stay active. Stay healthy. I will talk to you lovely people soon!