The 411 on Dress Shopping and Alterations

The 411 on Dress Shopping and Alterations

The 411 on Dress Shopping and Alterations. Mobile Image

May 05, 2020

Hello lovely people! 


I hope you all have been keeping healthy, calm and positive these days. Annnnd I also hope you're still getting excited for that special day of yours that you deserve to be excited for no matter what the current circumstances are. 


With that being said, I wanted to take some time to talk about the super important fun facts (if you will) of wedding dress shopping. I will essentially be your tour guide today as we navigate through the questions and concerns of "when should I start dress shopping?" all the way to "how do alterations work?" There are a ton of questions when you first start wedding dress shopping, and it's totally normal to not know everything about the bridal world. 


That's why I'm here! 


Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

If you are looking into purchasing a dress for your wedding day, you should start the process nine months in advance. The logic behind this is that, the wedding dresses that we carry can take between 4-6 months to arrive after ordering, depending on how new the style is and the standard completion dates of the designers. We also recommend allowing 3-4 months for your alternations to ensure a perfect fit in time for your wedding. By allowing the 9 month window, we are trying to avoid any alteration rush fee you could encounter if you don’t allow for enough time.


Alterations. Alterations. Alterations. How long do alterations take? Well, they can take anywhere from 3-4 months depending on how complex the gown is. It also matters what month you’re getting married (the busy wedding season is May – October).


How much do alterations cost? The cost depends entirely on the work that needs to be done to your gown. If your dress has lace, beading, and / or lots of layers, you should expect to be on the higher end of alteration costs. Average alterations from the seamstresses we recommend range anywhere from $500 - $800. If you are someone reading this and you need a seamstress, feel free to give us a call, we can give you great recommendations!


Now some people don’t have nine months to dress shop and that’s okay, too. At Lambs Hill we have an “off the rack” selection of dresses ready for you. Between different styles and designers, different price ranges and sizes, we have dresses ready and available for you to take if you don’t have that time frame!


A lot of brides also wonder what happens after they order their wedding dress and the short and sweet answer to that is: just wait! Relax, sit back, and we will call you once your dress has arrived to our store. Once the dress has arrived, we will schedule a pick up appointment and this is your opportunity to try on your dress for the first time. You want to be sure to do this so that you can confirm it was ordered correctly, inspect its condition, and then, of course, take it home!


Shopping for your wedding day can seem overwhelming, sure, but it doesn’t have to be! I wanted to be sure to share just a couple of tips that will not only save you time and money, but also will just help you ease through the process of it altogether.

As always, stay safe, positive and healthy my friends! I will talk to you soon!