Things You Should Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment

Things You Should Know Before Your First Bridal Appointment


The engagement stage of your life is exciting! It can be overwhelming to make so many decisions. Let us help you figure it out - no worries! Finding your dream gown begins with choosing your venue! That’s right you should have a venue booked before your first bridal appointment. This will help you with the vision and overall style of your wedding.  You can maximize your experience by following these tips:


Organize your timeline


Most gowns take between six to eight months to come in after ordering. Be aware that bridal sizing differs from regular clothes, even though you might normally be a size 6-8 in bridal gowns you might end up being a 12-14. Measurements will be taken and the closest size will be ordered for you, but always be aware that more than 90% of the time alterations will be necessary. Give your seamstress 3-4 months for tailoring to ensure the alterations can be done on time. Otherwise, you may face rush fees. 


Don’t overbook your day with appointments!  There seem to be more options the more appointments you have, but it will become overwhelming by your second or third appointment as you won’t remember what you like or don’t like. Believe it or not, most brides find their dress on their first appointment! Once you have found THE ONE Do not keep shopping as it will cause you to second guess yourself. 


Set a budget


Our bridal gowns' price range is between $1300-$5000. We also have a fabulous sample sale selection that starts at $500 and can work its way up, depending on the designer, condition of the gown, and original price. We also offer cleaning services for an extra fee. 


 The budget should be discussed before scheduling an appointment, a 50% deposit is required to place an order. We always go the extra mile to help our clients find their dream gowns. Our consultants can help you find something within any budget. Our stylists discourage anyone from trying on gowns outside their price range to avoid any heartbreaks!


Create Your Own Mood Board


Before searching for your dream dress, create a mood board. This helps the stylist understand the style and vibe you are going for! Does champagne tower anyone?! 


Pinterest is a great tool that can help you with that, you can also pre-shop our website to see gowns in our store, make sure you are browsing under the “In-store styles” To get an accurate listing of our inventory. 


Undergarments Are Important


Make sure that you’re prepared beforehand with appropriate undergarments! While you might not know exactly what dress silhouette you’re going for, wearing a convertible bra that can beadjusted for different necklines is super helpful. You can also wear shapewear if you want!


Be aware that a lot of our dresses do come with builtin bras, we just please ask you to wear underwear as you might risk the chance of losing your appointment if you are not wearing undergarments! 



Hopefully these tips will help you prepare for your first appointment! And if you still need to, book your bridal appointment with us today!